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I love it

Submitted by Devon - 11th December 2016 | Recommended: Yes

It's so quiet, the front staff is so friendly and professional, and the apartments are absolutely gorgeous

Happy so far

Submitted by Kristi - 5th December 2016 | Recommended: Yes

My husband and I have only been living here about a month, but we are very happy with our experience so far. We love all of the natural light that we get in our space, and the apartment itself is just lovely. Our space is small and cozy, but the design was well thought out. There are a couple of small things that do bother us, however. Some of the apartments near us have shutters that are not bolted down to the building looks like they lost the bolts at the top . It's a bit off-putting. Also, while we LOVE that this is a pet-friendly community we own two cats , people do NOT clean up after their dogs. We live on what seems to be a popular corner and the lawn is a MESS from the dogs. I'm not sure how the apartment community can enforce this better, but we have to be very careful not to venture off the sidewalk Lastly, we do wish that everyone could have at least ONE assigned parking space directly in front of their apartment. We only have one car, but we almost never get to park directly in front of our place usually we end up at the end of the apartment block . We don't mind walking, but it is a hassle when we are unloading groceries or other things -- we usually have to pull up to the corner and leave the car running while we unload, then go back and find a parking spot. Overall, it's been a good experience so far and we hope to stay here for awhile. Hopefully management can take our suggestions into consideration, though

LC Response:
Hi Kristi! I am so glad that you're enjoying your time here so far! I really do appreciate all your feedback. I'll have to take a look around your unit for those shutters; they probably came loose during a windstorm. We can definitely secure those! I will also have my maintenance team look for pet waste and get that cleared up. We recently sent a community wide newsletter regarding pet waste, if you see anyone not picking up after their pet, let us know so we can reach out to them! Also, we do have some detached garages available now if you are interested in renting one of those! If there is anything else we can do to make your experience here the best it can be, let us know!

I think it is a great place to live

Submitted by Katherine - 23rd November 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I would tell them it's far better than other apartment experiences. It is super great

Great Neighborhood

Submitted by Kimberly - 10th November 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I love the layout of our home. The neighborhood is perfect for young professionals. There's a great trail for jogging and classes at the gym. Having a bar, pool, and volleyball court within walking distance is also a nice perk.

Happy Here

Submitted by Megan - 31st October 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I love living here. The neighborhood is lovely, the staff is so nice and the grounds are kept really well. The only thing I could complain about is the lack of storage space in the 2 bedroom town home. Also the wood floor seems a bit cheap as it stains easily and has gaps in it.

Love living here

Submitted by BROOKE - 20th October 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Love almost everything about this place. Only drawbacks are limited parking and the humidity level in the apartment not sure if this is a obstruction issue . Other than that, I love it Great staff and community is always clean. Love the 3 day a week trash service too.

Greatest staff ever

Submitted by James - 10th October 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Love the community and the staff. Very nice apartments, although as is typical of rental properties the neighbors can be a bit noisy and or discourteous. Wish the sound insulation was a bit better at times as you can hear people tromping around above you and clanking up and down the stairs. And their dogs barking But as mentioned, this is part of apartment life. Only other complaint is that parking is sometimes at a premium. When you have a lot of couples with two or three vehicles per unit, that isn't a surprise. Just hate getting home late in the evening and having to park a block away.

The complex is wonderful. The staff is great and the other residents always look like they're having fun.

Submitted by Amanda - 26th September 2016 | Recommended: Yes

It is convenient and close to everything. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and there is a lot to do. My friends that live close by, but not in the complex, always want to come to The Goat

It's a nice play to live for a year

Submitted by Kyle - 20th September 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Overall it was very convenient living at the LC Brooklands. The amenities are great and the staff is the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with. There are some bad tenants who are loud and generally annoying but overall its friendly young and middle aged couples.

Perfect for Young Professionals

Submitted by Nicole - 12th September 2016 | Recommended: Yes

You can have the best of both worlds here when it comes to transitioning to the real world. Very nice apartments and amenities with fun events for the residents. Staff is always friendly and willing to help. The pool with the walk up bar is so convenient


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