LC Middletown Reviews

Great Place

Submitted by Aaron - 3rd August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Very nice. Highly recommend.

LC Response:
Aaron, We're so glad that you are apart of our community! LC Idlewild

it is well maintained with professional staff.

Submitted by Tayler - 1st August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

At LC Idlewild you get a luxury experience in a safe area of Louisville. The staff is very professional and helpful. WE have had a great experience so far living here.

LC Response:
Tayler, We are so glad that you decided to join our community! We have enjoyed having you here! LC Idlewild

cozy and homey

Submitted by Jeffrey - 31st July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I like that everything is by the house, shopping and food is right around the corner

LC Response:
Jeffrey, We are so glad that you decided to join our community! We have so many things so close to the community, but if you need any help finding something-don't hesitate to reach out! LC Idlewild


Submitted by Logan - 30th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I would definitely recommend they live here. All of the amenities are great and the staff is friendly. The only thing I would say is the lack of lighting in the master of the two story town homes and they would need to bring their own light fixture with a fan if they wanted a fan. However, this small issue is definitely not a good enough reason not to live here sorry for all the double negatives .

LC Response:
Logan, We are so glad that you have enjoyed your time here with us! We try to leave the option open for our residents to put up a ceiling fan, overhead light or stick with floor lamps for lighting! LC Idlewild


Submitted by Amy - 29th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Overall, I like the complex. The workout classes are nice and it is nice to have a restaurant pool area.

LC Response:
Amy, We are so glad that you decided to join our community! We like to think that our amenities are hard to beat! :) LC Idlewild

Great place to live

Submitted by Chad - 20th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

The staff do a great job Always glad to help with any problem or answer any questions.the pool and bar are a big plus come check out LC idlewild.

LC Response:
Chad, We are so glad that you joined our community and are taking advantage of our great amenities here! LC Idlewild

Great experience.

Submitted by Christina - 19th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I really enjoyed living here. The apartment was very nice and spacious. It's VERY dog friendly which was great for me and my two little dogs. The amenities were awesome.

LC Response:
Christina, We greatly enjoyed having you and your pups living in our community! Hope all is well! LC Idlewild

I like the community.

Submitted by Chung - 18th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I would tell my friends that this is a very good community. it is quiet and very new. I like the staff here and they are friendly.

LC Response:
Chung Man Lee, We are so glad that you decided to be apart of our community! We're glad to hear that you are enjoying your time here! LC Idlewild

I love it here

Submitted by Whitney - 10th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's neat, clean, and very well kept. It makes me proud to live in this community. Its nice to have a pool, fitness center, bar and restaurant on site. It's a great place to live.

LC Response:
Hey Whitney- Perfect review to read before heading out for the night! Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Hope to see you around the Goat :) Best, Idlewild

I like living here.

Submitted by Erika - 5th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I have enjoyed living here.

LC Response:
Hey Erika- It's been great having since last year! Hope to see you for Trivia night soon :) Best, Idlewild


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