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LC Idlewild is a great property with lots of amenities

Submitted by Craig - 12th June 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Great place to live From Apartments to Townhomes, this place has what you need. Pool Goat is the place to be on Saturday and Sunday Great Leasing staff and the property is maintained fairly well. Only downside....The garages can't store a standard size Pick-up truck with an extended cab. VERY DISAPPOINTING

LC Response:
Hi Craig, We are so happy that you enjoy the amenities and your apartment! I am so sorry that you are disappointed at your garage situation, feel free to stop in the office and we can possibly find a solution! Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you during your time here at Idlewild!

10 words or less

Submitted by Jim - 4th June 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Lifestyle like no other apartment community

LC Response:
Jim, We are glad that you are apart of our community! We strive to be a community vs just another complex! LC Idlewild

Nice on surface and first glance, but..

Submitted by Johan - 2nd June 2017 | Recommended: No

Nice people working here and maintenance folks are very helpful. Sales people are great and helpful, once you get into a unit you see not as presented and sold. Not sure sales people are aware of issues that tenants have once they move in. Its a disappointment in so many ways for the amount of money we pay each month. Maintenance issues get resolved timely for the most part, some issues they are not able to resolve due to the manner the property is constructed and the apparent approach the property owners choose to provide services to their clients tenants. My experience from first day walked into the townhouse has not been so good for the most part.

LC Response:
Hi Johan, I apologize that you are not completely satisfied with your apartment here! Our intention and goal is for you to have the best possible living experience with us. Feel free to call us here in the office to discuss what issues you are having so we can get them resolved. We look forward to making your apartment feel more like home!

Nightmare on Belle Street

Submitted by Casey - 30th May 2017 | Recommended: No

Parking Parking isn't an issue for me because I usually get home mid-day and parking is empty. My partner has more of an issue towards rush hour but parking behind the building isn't too full to find a spot. The issue giving this a 2 star rating is the problem with parking in non designated areas. The roundabouts are usually full of people wanting to park near their front door who aren't lucky enough to find a street spot. This only further congests an already packed street making it difficult to navigate at times. Noise The noise in my unit isn't too bad, I back up to a busy expressway and you can hear that during high flow times of the day. I have 1 neighbor who's living area shares a wall with my bedroom and his love of heavy metal on a Sunday at 1 or 2 am has been observed.. just the luck of the draw when it comes to neighbors while renting. Grounds The grounds are fairly nice and what partially attracted us to this community. The only issue I have found so far is the dog crap littered throughout almost every green area. Doesn't seem to be any course of action there. Pro tip - stay on the sidewalks to avoid the minefield of dog crap. Also with the absence of large trees and other shrubs you run into a wind tunnel affect and trash gets thrown around pretty easily, ending up in flower beds and landscaped areas. The only issue that really bothers me is the door side trash pickup. Most disregard the days they're supposed to put things out to be picked up and you'll see a lot of trash bags not in the supplied canvas bags sitting on doorsteps. Its the worst outside of the shared hallway units, tons of trash bags laying by the steps which Im sure could look unsavory to people looking to rent a new place. Construction Very Poor Quality. I would rate it lower but thats not an option. Materials chosen don't seem to fit the luxury idea. Stuff has fallen off, or become weathered quickly. Give some of these units a few years and they'll look like trash. Surprising to say the least when I expected more.. Guessing thats why they show you a brand new unit when you're touring. Maintenance The staff is great here, seems a little spaced out or slow on response times but great group of guys. Only thing I would note is they seem like a small group thats stretched pretty thin. Could definitely use a few more hands to complete orders quicker. With the frequency they've been in my unit during the first month we are almost first name friends. Staff The office staff seems knowledgeable and courteous to the growing number of issues I've experienced so far in the short time I've lived here. I usually deal with Simran exclusively and she is great Amanda has also chipped in to help and she is no different. very professional and knowledgeable of the community they are tasked with handling . Overall I would not tell anybody to live here. its sad we moved in expecting a level of quality in our unit and its just not so. I have had maintenance in my unit three or more times a week and thats out of hand. I've kept detailed notes of the multiple visits and issues I've experienced along with photos and video, approaching the third page of documentation. This unit should've been looked over a little closer before renting, but I understand the turn over rate needing to meet a goal. I have told family and friends to look elsewhere for housing citing my notes and having to bother the staff constantly for repairs. For what I pay to stay here it should provide a much higher level of quality in the units. Simply put, all that glitters is not gold. I feel like a nuisance as I am slowly becoming that tenant with all the issues. I work nights and having to stay awake for 20 hours while maintenance is roaming around the unit has been hard. We are currently awaiting the arrival of our first child and we can't even set up the nursery because the room is torn apart from a preexisting wall leak. I have held off moving any more things into the unit to avoid playing musical chairs with my stuff to accommodate the maintenance being able to reach problem areas. I am approaching a month in my unit and feel I have been displaced trying to live here, very dissatisfied and honestly upset at this point trying to accommodate my growing family in this luxury community. I could bark about my issues all day , but I will leave on the note that I wouldn't have anybody I know rent here.


Submitted by Ashley - 30th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I love the layout of my apartment, the updated appliances and the feel of the community

LC Response:
Ashley, We are so glad that you decided to join our community and are enjoying your apartment! LC Idlewild

looks good friendly but cheap building

Submitted by Ted - 29th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

My maintenance guy kills it. great place to live with food drinks pool right down the street. poor building materials and contruction in the newer parts .

LC Response:
Ted, Our maintenance guys are definitely incredible! We are happy to hear that you are enjoying our incredible amenities here in our community! LC Idlewild

Great People And A Great Property

Submitted by Joseph - 8th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Great community feeling and the grounds are kept up with very well. Love the convenience of The Goat as well

LC Response:
We're so happy that you're happy! Let us know at anytime if there is anything we can do for you.

Great place to live

Submitted by Travis - 4th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Really nice apartment complex with great facilities as well Just renewed my lease today and look forward to spending another year here

Love it here

Submitted by Baylee - 3rd May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I refer people to Idlewild all the time. Great community, beautiful pool lounge area. We do have concerns about the pool becoming too crowded with all the new units opening up. I hope that doesn't lower the enjoyment of our summer days here. Other than that, definitely worth the price we pay.

I've loved living here.

Submitted by Ronald - 3rd May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

The rent is very reasonable and the property is well kept. Over the past year that I and my kids have lived here we've have really enjoyed our experience. It's our home.


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