LC Middletown Reviews

Wonderful community

Submitted by Joseph - 25th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Its a really nice community with nice landscaping and amenities. I really found a great place. If there are issues the maintenance staff is pretty quick to respond.

This property is AMAZING

Submitted by Kyle - 21st August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I would say it is like living on a beach everyday

Great place to live

Submitted by Matthew - 13th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

All in all, LC Idlewild has been a great place. This is my first experience living in an apartment and I was a bit apprehensive at first, however, it has turned out great. Amanda was an absolute joy to work with during the leasing process and promptly addressed any questions concerns that I had. I would certainly and already have recommend this facility to anyone who is looking to rent an apartment.

LC Response:
Matthew, We are so glad that you chose to become apart of our community! LC Idlewild

nice and friendly neighborhood

Submitted by Steven - 9th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

its a great community, just wish people would follow the rules and laws and not just park where ever they please

LC Response:
Hi Steven, Thank you so much for the feedback! We are actively working on the parking situation to improve the experience for our residents! We can't thank you enough for your patience! LC Idlewild

My first two months experience living here

Submitted by Katherine - 4th August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I have positive and negative things about my experience here. The positive are I am really happy with the size of my apartment and where it's located. I have visited the pool a couple of times and enjoy being able to order drinks and food from the Goat. I also like the Goat a lot, and think they have great food. I have tried some of the workout classes and I like the option that they have these. But have to admit their not the best classes I have taken. My negative experience would be with Maintenance. I have had several issues since moving in for the first two months. Some I realize are normal because it is a new apartment. There are a lot of spiders, beetles, and centipedes that I'm constantly killing. There was a water issue in the guest bathroom that was resolved but no one updated me on what was the problem. The newest issue's have been my sprinkler in the laundry room was leaking, but has been fixed. And outside my apartment when it rains its not coming down the pipes correctly and leaking out and mulch gets all over my sidewalk. The BIGGEST issue I have had is that fact that a maintenance personal was able to leave their keys in my door all night without anyone noticing until I got home late at night and had to call the manager to let them know they were missing the next day. I am a girl who lives on her own, and if my boyfriend hadn't been with me that night I would have had to call the cops to inspect my apartment. I found this to be highly irresponsible because not only were the keys left in the door the door was also unlocked and slightly open. This should never happen. And I hope the person who was responsible was discharged or punished in some way. Because of this event I feel the need to have to tell people what happened and I am sure once I do people will not feel save to live here. I should not be paying over 1000 in rent for such carelessness. I love this apartment in any other way. But if anything like this happens again I could not recommend this apartment to anyone.

Great Place

Submitted by Aaron - 3rd August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Very nice. Highly recommend.

LC Response:
Aaron, We're so glad that you are apart of our community! LC Idlewild

it is well maintained with professional staff.

Submitted by Tayler - 1st August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

At LC Idlewild you get a luxury experience in a safe area of Louisville. The staff is very professional and helpful. WE have had a great experience so far living here.

LC Response:
Tayler, We are so glad that you decided to join our community! We have enjoyed having you here! LC Idlewild

cozy and homey

Submitted by Jeffrey - 31st July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I like that everything is by the house, shopping and food is right around the corner

LC Response:
Jeffrey, We are so glad that you decided to join our community! We have so many things so close to the community, but if you need any help finding something-don't hesitate to reach out! LC Idlewild


Submitted by Logan - 30th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I would definitely recommend they live here. All of the amenities are great and the staff is friendly. The only thing I would say is the lack of lighting in the master of the two story town homes and they would need to bring their own light fixture with a fan if they wanted a fan. However, this small issue is definitely not a good enough reason not to live here sorry for all the double negatives .

LC Response:
Logan, We are so glad that you have enjoyed your time here with us! We try to leave the option open for our residents to put up a ceiling fan, overhead light or stick with floor lamps for lighting! LC Idlewild


Submitted by Amy - 29th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Overall, I like the complex. The workout classes are nice and it is nice to have a restaurant pool area.

LC Response:
Amy, We are so glad that you decided to join our community! We like to think that our amenities are hard to beat! :) LC Idlewild


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