LC Middletown Reviews

I've loved living here.

Submitted by Ronald - 3rd May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

The rent is very reasonable and the property is well kept. Over the past year that I and my kids have lived here we've have really enjoyed our experience. It's our home.

Great experience

Submitted by Lourdes - 1st May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Very responsive staff. Quiet, professional neighbors. Good vibe on weekends. Love the fitness room and classes.

LC Response:
Thanks so much! We enjoyed having you here as a resident!


Submitted by Marcus - 2nd April 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Living here is nice but parking is not.

LC Response:
Hi Marcus! Thank you so much for the feedback. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your new home! As for the parking, we are currently working out new ideas to try and resolve the issues that you may have been experiencing. We hope to see you at The Goat soon! Best, LC Idlewild Team

Love the community feel and the resident perks.

Submitted by Lindsey - 1st April 2017 | Recommended: Yes

We live in a great part of town, and we get to share a community with with good people. Plus, there is always something going on, so we will never be bored Great place to live for people in our age range 25-35 .

LC Response:
Hi Lindsey! Thank you so much for your feedback! We love to hear about our tenants enjoying the community and creating relationships with neighbors! If you ever need anything, feel free to reach out to us! Hope to see you at the Goat! LC Idlewild Team

Nice property

Submitted by Kenneth - 31st March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Management is great

LC Response:
Hi Kenneth! Thank you so much for your kind words! We are so glad to have you here in our community! We hope to see you at the Goat! LC Idlewild Team

I am enjoying it.

Submitted by Matt - 29th March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Its quiet,clean and the location is very convenient. The only downside is that if you leave on the road that leads to The Goat, then parking can be impossible on some nights.

LC Response:
Hi Matt! Thank you so much for your feedback! I agree about the location being convenient, sometimes a little too convenient! ;) It's a huge perk to have such a great restaurant here on site, but since it has become a popular spot it is a little tricky finding a spot if you live close by. If you ever need anything, please let us know! LC Idlewild Team

Very nice property

Submitted by Lance - 28th March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I have enjoyed living here. It is quiet and the staff are very attentive. The Goat restaurant and bar is fantastic.

Everyone is profressional and care about our needs.

Submitted by Kisha - 3rd March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's nice for dog lovers. Not the best place for kids but the overall property is nice.

Beautiful Layout

Submitted by Andrea - 1st March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Great location. The Goat is a plus to have a restaurant on site. Even though this is a pet friendly location, owners do not pick up after their pets and the LC Staff does not enforce this rule enough in my opinion. A Maintenance Order will be put in, however, pet waste is still all over the place.

LC Response:
Hi Andrea- Thank you for taking the time to leave a review! I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the amenities that we have here to offer! Being that we are pet friendly does come with the problem that not all always will pick up after their pets. We do have our maintenance team keep tabs on our property, but it can happen so quickly. We are consistently working on new ways to improve our property as much as we can! Have a wonderful day! LC Idlewild Team

Beautiful Property

Submitted by Vanieka - 1st March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I am very pleased with the decision to live here. The property is very nice and any maintenance requests have been completed in a timely manner. Jesse is great. I haven't had much of a reason to visit the office but during the application process the ladies have been very helpful.

LC Response:
Hi Vanieka! Well aren't you the sweetest. Thanks for noticing all the care that we put into ensuring that everyone is enjoying themselves in their home! Feel free to stop and say hello to us in the office anytime. :) Have a wonderful day! LC Idlewild Team


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