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We love it here

Submitted by Jeremy - 1st August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It has amazing amenities and a great staff. Well worth the price

LC Response:
Jeremy- Thank you so much for the kind words! We appreciate you and Julian and are grateful to have you two as a part of our community!


Submitted by Makenzie - 1st August 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I have only lived here for about a month but all in all so far so good.

LC Response:
Makenzie- Thank you so much for the kind words! We really want you to enjoy your experience and feel at home here so please let us know if you need anything at all and thanks for being such a great resident!

Just for looks. Pretty on the face, cheap under the surface.

Submitted by Victoria - 28th July 2017 | Recommended: No

You will pay a premium to live here. The brick fronts and brick paved streets are really nice, but the whole appeal is lost when you see black VIP TRASH bags on all the FRONT steps. Then when you circle around to the back which is where residents spend most of their time, it’s just another vinyl sided town home complex. Building materials are cheap, water heaters are tiny, and air conditioning condensers are noisy. There are no water spigots available anywhere outside and the street lights are too bright and omni directional, shining right into windows. The pool is dirty and the restaurant The Goat is uninspired. Food is too expensive considering it is not fresh and was unloaded form a Cisco truck. You also have no internet TV options outside of Comcast as they are the only service available. I for one hate Comcast. Speeds are good but customer service is awful and billing is inconsistent. The mail and packages are all delivered to the front office which has been a problem for me in the past when a package arrives during the day while I am at work and by the time I get home the office is closed and I have to wait another day to get my delivery. There are a few good things however. Trash service availability is nice but I would rather trash be picked up in the rear and not my front steps. The brick paved streets are great and the lack of speed bumps is appreciated. There is plenty of grass to take the dog out and the complex is animal friendly and most residents are good about cleaning up after their pets. Utilities costs stay pretty low but that is the nature of living in town homes where the larger structure keeps each individual unit pretty well insulated. The layouts are actually pretty good but I'm not a fan of living on 3 stories. That's a lot of stairs. The maintenance guys are quick to respond to tenants but there seems to be a lack of attention to the common areas like the pool and restaurant. There is a horrible sewage smell right by the entrance to The Goat stupid name that hasn't gone away for months like something has broken underground. Parking availability is very good in the back but slim chances of finding a spot in the front. I don't plan on renewing my lease after my 1 year is up. It’s just too expensive at 1400 a month. A lot of things would have to be different for me to renew my lease. Management I think has a lot to do with it, the rest is construction and planning. The staff is friendly enough just not very smart. The brand seems to attract younger residents. A lot of single 20 somethings live here. As an adult, there is nothing worse than living around a bunch of single 20 somethings and taking your 3 year old to the pool on a Saturday and everyone is drinking cheap beer. No class.

Enjoyable complex with many aminities.

Submitted by Shelby - 24th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Its a very enjoyable living experience, but it has its drawbacks. Super convenient to have a restaurant bar on the grounds that you can walk to. However, the Goat is very pricey even compared to some of the higher end restaurants in the immediate area. The Goat always has super slow service no matter if it is packed or not, which is always a concern when you are paying premium prices. There is also zero discount for residents The pool used to be my favorite thing about living here and now it is just too heavily regulated. To the point where I would rather go to a friends house or a public pool. Stop harassing your residents and let them enjoy the amenities they pay for every month. I was told I couldn't bring a cup of water to the pool last weekend when it was over 100 degree heat index I feel like we should be able to bring whatever beverage we want to the pool as long as we are not distributing it among other guests or bothering other guests. This honestly will be the reason I will not renew as I cannot enjoy one of the main reasons that attracted me to this community.

We love the atmosphere of Henley Station.

Submitted by Marla - 5th July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It is a friendly, safe, relaxing community. We love the beautiful landscaping and pool.

LC Response:
Marla- Thank you for the kind words! We absolutely love having you as a resident and glad you are liking it so far!

Overall Hipster Apartments

Submitted by Anna - 1st July 2017 | Recommended: Yes

They have all the the nice amenities, the people in the office come off like mean girls. Maintenance guys are amazing. I love that dogs can live here, wish there was somewhere in the complex to take them to run around and play off leash.

LC Response:
Anna- I wasn't sure if you knew but there is a dog park that is fenced for the dogs to run and play less than a 2 minute walk from the complex right behind us. Thanks for the feedback we will look into that for our complex in the future. Also, I would love for you to come into the office so we can get to know you more and I hope you'll see that we appreciate you all as residents and don't want to come off as anything less than people that are approachable and easy to come to with any issues. Again, thanks for being part of the community!

a few complaints but overall a very nice place

Submitted by Justin - 28th June 2017 | Recommended: Yes

the atmosphere here is incredible and the people in the office are great. The price is a little high but with the market the way it is i understand, BUT if it werent for the price increases i probably would have signed a third year but need a cheaper place to save up for a house. Another complaint would be the quality of the apartment. At first glance it looks great, but then you start to notice little things as if the place was rushed to be finished ontime . For example scratches all over the floor and counter tops, holes in screen doors, uneven doors mainly bathroom , random places that werent painted behind toilet and above vents , carpet strips poking out and poking feet had to hammer them down and the microwave plastic has cracks all over it by no fault of my own in which im sure i will get charged for. Nothing major but just a few complaints. I forgot to mention that with the rent we pay it would be nice to be provided light bulbs that dont blow out every other month. Anyways I love the office ladies, maintaince crew, and the goat staff.

LC Response:
Justin- Thanks for all the feedback. We have genuinely loved having you and Michelle as residents. As far as any damages, I would be happy to come and take a look at anything in the apartment and see if it would be your responsibility or not so you weren't caught off guard. Again, thanks for staying with us and good luck with the home purchase!

Clean, pretty, upscale

Submitted by Danielle - 1st June 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Convenient, very comfortable, and safe.

LC Response:
Hi Danielle! We're so glad you're happy and comfortable here! We love seeing you guys when you stop by the office with the pup! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to continue making your experience enjoyable!

Great place to live

Submitted by Seth - 1st May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's great. The office staff are extremely nice, the maintenance staff is quick and respectful, and the amenities are awesome.

LC Response:
Thanks Seth, we love having you as a resident!

One of the best places to live in Murfreesboro

Submitted by Amanda - 26th April 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I'd have to say what makes living here the best is the staff. Management, maintainance, grounds keepers they are all very attentive and quick to respond The townhomes themselves are very well built and I never can hear my neighbors. I would say the only two cons for me is that the units do not come with ceiling fans and parking can sometimes be a nuisance. The people that live hear tend to be people in their late 20's or young families so its an easy atmosphere to fit into. Oh and we are all dog people, this is a very dog friendly place so if you dont like dogs then maybe this is not the place for you. But the cons really outweigh the negatives, I just have signed my second lease with them and I have never done that with a complex If you come to Lc Henley you wont be disappointed

LC Response:
Amanda- Thank you so much for the kind words! We really appreciate you and Morgan (and the pups) and are excited for another year with your family!


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