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LC Experience

Submitted by Breann - 5th December 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I enjoy living at the LC had some major issues at the Exchange with pool restaurant staff and a less welcoming feel overall. I put a maintenance ticket in when we first moved in for floor separating, nail holes in wall with blue marking tape next to them , closet rake falling off the wall in second bedroom as well as first floor. These issue have not been fixed. I lived in the LC Preserve Crossing for two years and had an amazing experience which is why I still highly recommend LC

Lifestyle communities

Submitted by Cory - 4th December 2017 | Recommended: No

Parking is terrible, I have to park 3 buildings away every night. I've had to have Maintenance attempt to fix my leaking toilet 6 times not exaggerating, 6 times and it still doesn't work correctly. Staff lost my rent one time, and if that happens you are just shit out of luck and they don't care and treat you like you are lying to them so I ask for a receipt each time now thankfully they found it . Also staff changes about every 2 days it seems. I can hear my neighbors just talking in their living room. There is absolutely no storage, only the closets in the bedrooms, we have to use our car trunk for anything extra that doesn't fit, no place to even put a vacuum cleaner. Love the trash pick up, even though it was extremely confusing when we first moved in, they gave us a magnet for our fridge that has the trash pickup schedule which says they come only on Fridays. Been lied to when we moved in, they told me that because of the company I work for we only have to pay a 150 deposit, or close to that amount maybe a little more. I asked if there were any contingencies and she said no that is our deposit. then we get a call stating that we have to pay a full months rent as a deposit which completely blindsided us and we had already committed to living there. Another thing they lied about which i have it written in their handwriting was the special 300 off first months rent, when we go to pay 1st months rent they said no you only get 150 off. I said I have it in your handwriting that it says 300 off in the info packet you gave us, and they again, treated me like I was lying. I can understand making a mistake but the blatant disregard for responsibility in the matter immediately made me have zero confidence in the leasing staff. Not to mention that one of their umbrellas flew off the table by the pool and caused 1400 dollars in damage to my car and they after a long time of arguing with them only agreed to pay my deductible for my insurance and told me to file a claim They cause the damage to my car and then told me to file a claim to potentially cause my rates to increase Imagine if I damaged their property, they would without a doubt send me a bill for the repair in its entirety. So i took the money and put it towards repairs and paid the rest out of pocket, even then I could only afford to fix the worst of the damage.

Great place to live

Submitted by James - 1st December 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Great place, love the apartment. Wish the gym was a little better

Happily Moved

Submitted by Hunter - 30th November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Everything I've been looking for LC provides all of the best amenities and features all within reach, plenty of pluses in the home as well as a great community and environment.


Submitted by Jacob - 22nd November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Parking is frustrating for me because of The Goat guest. My only other wish, is recycling be picked up more than once a week Overall we really enjoy living in the community

Great place

Submitted by Tony - 10th November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's a fun community with friendly neighbors.

Pro and cons

Submitted by Lauren - 31st October 2017 | Recommended: Yes

We love living here, as with any apartments there are definitely pros and cons. I feel like the units were built in a hurry, paint drips on the walls and floors, Chips in the ceiling, scratches in the wood floors. The parking is good but could be better. We can hear our neighbors snoring through the walls, and can feel cold air coming in through our outlets too. But again, we do love it I love the location, the ease of paying utilities all in one place, using an app to pay rent, trash pickup is 3 days a week and there is a compactor on site just in case, I love the layout of our new place too I would recommend it to a friend for sure.

Property is nice

Submitted by Jacqueline - 31st October 2017 | Recommended: Yes

quiet, most neighbors are nice, some issues with the trash and bulk trash being a mess.

Looks good but quality is lacking.

Submitted by Jason - 31st October 2017 | Recommended: Yes

You can hear everything your neighbors are doing and parking is terrible.

Layouts are nice but lacking in upkeep

Submitted by Matthew - 9th October 2017 | Recommended: No

The apartment itself is nice, but that is where the good stops. The doors automatically slam shut so that is all you hear in the exchange buildings. Maintenance doesn't exist at this property. I have made countless requests for dog urine and dog waste to be cleaned up in the stairwells and it doesn't get done. There has been a bag of dog poop in the loft stairs for 2 weeks now. I asked for my windows to be caulked outside because when it rains. i have to put towels on every window seal to prevent the water from dripping down the walls and into the carpet. They just closed the workorder and nothing was done. The carpets never get vacuumed and the stairs are filthy with dust and trash. I never allow guests over to my place anymore because they have to cover their noses to walk to my unit due to the dog urine in the hallways and stairs. The parking lot is covered in cigarette butts and other trash. You walk into the leasing office and out of 6 or more employees, you think one could grab a broom every once in a while. I just stopped calling and caring. If you are going to building something this nice, take care of it. The parking lot lights along the south side of the building have never worked. Other issues that are outside on managements control are lack of parking due to the Goat - I came in knowing that may be an issue. I can hear my neighbors beside me very well - granted they could be a little more courteous and not slam cabinet doors. When they play music, I have to turn off my TV because I can't hear it. I came into this excited and will be leaving extremely disappointed.


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