LC New Albany Reviews

It's a great place to live at an affordable price.

Submitted by Brian - 30th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's a great place to live and has a wonderful community.

Content but will be happier when construction is over.

Submitted by Matthew - 28th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Working from home is difficult with all the construction. I had family in town for my birthday weekend and we had to listen to construction dig up the entire road on saturday then redo it all day on sunday. It shook my entire home so it was tough to enjoy each others company. Outside of construction and things not working properly when I first moved in, it's been great.


Submitted by Eric - 25th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

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Great, beautiful property, well maintained, wonderful staff.

Submitted by Benny - 23rd May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Nice, quiet complex with amazing staff and amenities.

Overall, pretty nice

Submitted by Rachel - 18th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It is overall a nice complex and I love living in the New Albany area. You definitely pay more in rent due to the Goat. I think parking is very frustrating at times, when there are sometimes no spots to park in outside of your apartment. Utilities can get pricy sometimes too. It is a nice design and layout, it definitely is more of an upscale place to live in.

Nice property, staff not so nice

Submitted by Sonequa - 9th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I love the landscape and all it has to offer. The staff are not friendly that's for sure

Peace of mind

Submitted by Kevin - 6th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Quiet and convenient

The property is amazing

Submitted by Kiera - 5th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Heaven, on earth

Great Place to Live

Submitted by Savannah - 1st May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

This community is quiet yet booming with activity. So many people are active whether it's walking their dogs or working out at OM I love the quiet nature and maturity of the community. As a young, single person living in Central Ohio, this community offers access to local restaurants and shopping while still providing a sense of small town. I have lived in another Lifestyle Community and I should have moved to LC New Albany a long time ago

Beautiful with a lively neighborhood vibe

Submitted by James - 1st May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

It's a great place to live with friendly neighbors and a community feel. If you have pets, they will feel at home with all the green space to walk and run in and plenty of other pups to play with as well. The Exchange is the best place I've lived in the Columbus area


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