LC New Albany Reviews

Like the quality of the unit.

Submitted by Milton - 23rd May 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I will always promote all LC apartments to my friends. The quality of neighbors has to be by far the best that I have encountered in years. The location of LC is well marketed to the community. Thanks

Great place to live

Submitted by Gregory - 9th May 2016 | Recommended: Yes

The LC is awesome.


Submitted by Gyan - 9th May 2016 | Recommended: No

I am not liking the surroundings of this community. 1 People take their pets for walk but dnt pick up their shits. When wind blows you will have shits smells near the open area, that is affecting us as we are living closer by. 2 There is no stop sign in whole community. People drive fast and there is always chances of accidents. 3 It is not safe to go for a walk during day time or evening time as residents leave their pet open without leash. I have never seen any guidelines email or session to stop such incidents. 4 From last 2 months, dry leaves and other dirty items under stairs are never cleaned. I have liked the staffs here. They are cooperative and understanding. Maintenance staffs are also nice. Landscape is nice. But there are certain things few are mentioned above which should be taken care of to make this community better place to live.

Peaceful and quiet

Submitted by Lisa - 3rd May 2016 | Recommended: Yes

The grounds are always clean and maintained. The activity at the Goat....are fun filled. Nice place to live.

LC Communities- always a good place to live.

Submitted by Lidia - 2nd May 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I have lived in more than once LC Community and they have been fantastic every time. LC New Albany Park is especially a very nice complex with all the amenities you could need in a great location.

Great place to live

Submitted by Julie - 18th April 2016 | Recommended: Yes

My husband and I love living at the LC New Albany Park. Our unit is really nice, we love the fixtures and the layout. We enjoy all the green space and walking paths, especially now that we have a puppy. The proximity to the Goat and the gym were big selling points for us. The only downsides are some pet owners not picking up after their pets in the common areas and the layouts of the town homes. We really wanted to stay in the complex, but the town home units all felt awkwardly planned and not the right fit for us. If we didn't need more space, we would definitely be staying here.

N a

Submitted by Thomas - 17th April 2016 | Recommended: Yes

N a

Love it

Submitted by Caley - 11th April 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Being a younger female living alone, I feel as safe as I possibly could living in the LC community. The leasing office is always so polite and will assist you with anything you need, and if they don't know they will get the answer from someone who will. I also had an out-of -the-blue situation happen with a roommate and they were more than accommodating and understanding. I have not had a bad experience here once, I could live here forever Thanks for all the hard work that is put into this community, it is much appreciated

quite with plenty of space for parking

Submitted by Mark - 8th April 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Like living here but cliental are usually people with out kids. Makes it hard for my 2 boys to play with other kids in the complex. But overall like the quietness

Great place to live

Submitted by Angela - 1st April 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I have only lived at the LC New Albany for a short time, but I definitely like it so far My apartment is secure and on the 2nd floor. Neighbors are friendly but not too noisy. Having the Goat nearby is super awesome as well as the fitness center and fitness classes


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