LC New Albany Reviews

Disappointed With Property Upkeep

Submitted by Pamela - 31st March 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Once I am inside the apartment, I am fine. However, when I go outside it is disappointing to see that the property is not well maintained. There are tons of potholes, standing water in the parking lot, debris in the bushes, mold on a lot of the apartment buildings and dog waste galore. It is unfortunate that people do not take pride in their community and that management does not take care of the property. I would think that a New Albany mailing address would constitute a higher standard than what I am experiencing here. I would only recommend if a person has no point of reference from having lived at a property that takes more pride in what they have to offer.

Great place to live

Submitted by Carson - 31st March 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I love the area in New Albany they chose to build The Farms, its nice and quiet and never any traffic which is exactly what I wanted after coming home from work. Great place to live.

Overall nice area, but trash is an issue that needs resolved

Submitted by Craig - 29th March 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Trash is a major issue The dumpster locations are always overflowing with trash to the point that it is left outside of the dumpster. This makes some residents have to walk around step over bags of garbage in order to get their mail from the mailbox. In addition the company that is used to pick garbage up on Mondays is terrible. There have been numerous occasions where my trash was left at my apartment and never picked up on Monday. I have also witnessed them drop trash in the parking lot and leave it on the ground to blow all over the property instead of picking it up. Just yesterday I had to take a random bag of trash to the dumpster because it was left on the ground in front of my garage. I have complained about this in the past to LC employees and was told that I have to contact the trash company myself. I did not hire them, this should be LCs responsibility to handle.


Submitted by Joshua - 18th March 2016 | Recommended: Yes

One night our light bulb went out in our kitchen and the next day when I got home it was already fixed. The problem was that they must of broken the other light bulb when they were fixing it. The pieces were in our trash bag but there were still pieces in our kitchen. There were pieces under the refrigerator and near our dogs food and water bowls. I am just glad my dog and I didn't step in it.

It's a great place to reside

Submitted by Monte - 14th March 2016 | Recommended: Yes

it's peaceful, quiet, friendly, with amenities to offer the residents a great place to reside that is centrally located to most anything in the Columbus area.

Lack of security

Submitted by Amanda - 1st February 2016 | Recommended: No

Break Ins in people car. They break window - lockbox in the car. They due while people are home I'm the middle of the night. And the lc community doesn't care to notice all their residences that break ins are happening

Very good, helpful staff

Submitted by Laura - 2nd January 2016 | Recommended: Yes

I enjoy living here, people in the office are very nice.

Very nice neighborhood, inside apartment needs updating.

Submitted by Gabrielle - 1st January 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Very nice neighborhood, the amenities are fantastic For the price we are paying for the apartment, I feel some updating can be done inside. No stainless steel, without paying. No hardwood, without paying. We are already paying a grand per month. The landscaping in front of our apartment is very poor. Somehow other buildings' landscaping is more maintained. I also requested some things inside to be repaired when we moved in, they weren't fix. Another issue, I ended up screwing in a light fixture myself after it was partially falling and noticed they decided to hold it up with the paint rather than properly installing.

Wonderful Community

Submitted by LaTasha - 29th December 2015 | Recommended: Yes

This is a great community. The grounds are always beautiful and animal lovers always clean up after their pets. Maintenance is the quickest and friendliest. Office staff are always pleasant to work with. The main negative is the quality of the appliances fixtures used. It's seems like maintenance wouldn't have to repair so often if higher quality appliances were used. I've also read reviews on the energy company used and my bills seem to be comparable to other utility bills I've had in the past.

opportunity for improvement

Submitted by Mary - 28th December 2015 | Recommended: No

The day we moved in the condo was a mess. There was dirt and trash everywhere as if no one checked it before giving us the keys. We always have to call maintenance for things that should not be an issue for a modern complex. First few months of living here we have had to have new keys made, the sink fixed, the dryer fixed, screens replaced, whole place cleaned moving day, gym keys did not work, and many more. We were very excited to move into the LC, but with the little things we constantly have to call about doesn't make it for an enjoyable living.


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