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N a

Submitted by Dejuan - 30th April 2018 | Recommended: Yes

N a

Great property but some parking and noise issues

Submitted by Ronald - 30th April 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Great location and place to meet people.

Overall Pretty good experience thus far

Submitted by Collin - 11th April 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The unexpected sky rocketed heat bill electric bill his ridiculous and would a big concern if i was on a tight budget. Definitely something that needs addressed to people who are signing a lease. MY bill this month is 315 and we keep heat on a consistent 70 degrees and even insulated garage door.

It's nice but a little crowded at times

Submitted by Nicholas - 8th April 2018 | Recommended: Yes

The area is nice, but the townhouses have an issue with their insulation. The grounds around the area seem to always have trash and no one enforces pet policies. Overall, the amenities are good, but the gym can be overcrowded at times because of the amount of people who live here, along with those that purchase a membership which I find a little crazy overcrowding again . The staff seem a little preoccupied at times and aren't the easiest to communicate with. Again, the area is nice, but for the price that is paid to live here, there are a lot of things that need improvement.

Amazing place to live

Submitted by Courtney - 7th April 2018 | Recommended: Yes

It’s been an awesome experience living at the LC in New Albany. Management is wonderful. It’s so easy to request for something to be fixed and it maintenance comes out almost right away And he entire community is super friendly.

Beautiful property, very close to local attractions and downtown.

Submitted by Matthew - 2nd April 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Peaceful. Very seldom hear neighbors our any nuisances. Very pet friendly which is a plus. Great new amenities in the town homes make it feel extremely modern and up to date.

Good location for the area

Submitted by Robert - 30th March 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Good location. Pretty good complex.

Very nice very few negative interations

Submitted by Elizabeth - 29th March 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I love my apartment. I only had two interactions with staff members that were unpleasant. It's in a great location with a lot of great amenities and a fairly affordable price.

Amazing place

Submitted by Kassim - 29th March 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I would say it is a very professional and clean environment, homey feel to living here. The amendments are a plus as well.

It's Ok... Not worth the money

Submitted by Scott - 29th March 2018 | Recommended: No

Very expensive for what is only luxury on the surface


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