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Submitted by Rob - 26th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Fun place to live

You pay for the amenities. Not for a home.

Submitted by Amanda - 25th September 2018 | Recommended: No

I loved everything about LC my first year 2016 . Staff was very nice and helpful Molly . I loved my home and had no issues with my apartment. When i moved a couple doors down into a different layout in 2017, everything changed. LC began expanding, different staff that doesn't care about the residents and i feel as if staff is talking down to me not talking to me whenever i am in the office or ask a question. i also had A MILLION issues with my apartment the moment i walked through the door that took weeks to be addressed and i had to argue with them to be addressed - apartment smelled like smoke, hole in door, stains on ceiling, yellow blinds and light rings from smoke of previous resident, dented refrigerator that they almost didnt replace, didnt even clean the inside of dishwasher before i moved in. i was taken back considering i only moved a couple doors down and had a completely different experience in the unit i had beforehand. i am convinced nobody even looked at the apartment before i moved in. I wanted to be happy where i lived and feel comfortable in my own home but they were actually difficult and it was almost as if they didnt believe me when i told them about my concerns. They should've been sympathetic and immediately willing to resolve the several issues i had. There is one man on the maintenance team that i could give a great review for but that is it. I once had someone come in while i was in the shower and actually yell for me half way up my staircase several times until i came out. I found that extremely inappropriate. I love the amenities, but at this point i am paying way too much for a below average, worn down unit at a place where the staff doesn't make me feel at home. The pros of living here location, gym trash service. Literally the only things that i will miss.

Parking and access to sidewalks

Submitted by Barath - 18th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Parking is still erratic. Different spots taken every day, resulting in trying to find far away spots. Access to sidewalks is too limited. If I want to walk to the gym, I have to walk through a muddy patch through a small fence opening.

It's okay

Submitted by John - 8th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I moved here last year from downtown I am moving back downtown. It was ok living here for the year. The staff is pretty cool. Good group of people

I love where I live

Submitted by MIranda - 7th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I haven't had many huge issues. Fixtures are nice. A lot of room in the apartment. Neighbors are nice. I feel like pipes are cheap- move in day my kitchen sink smelled, dishwasher smelled, and toilets stained in a week. Also the parking passes are more of a hassle than a convenience.

Great place to live

Submitted by Shannon - 5th September 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I have lived at LC New Albany for a year now and have had nothing short of a great experience The apartment layout is great, the noise is minimal almost non-existent and the leasing staff and maintenance staff are wonderful I renewed my lease and am looking forward to the next year here

LC New Albany Apartments

Submitted by Julie - 31st August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

I like the location of this complex

I love it here

Submitted by Kelsey - 23rd August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

Living at the Exchange II has been a great experience so far. The unit we moved into is in excellent condition. The LC staff has been super friendly and very helpful with all of my questions and concerns since we first visited the community. The amenities are also awesome Two pools, a 24 7 access fitness center and tons of grass areas for my dog, Lola to enjoy The only regret I have, is not selecting a bigger unit... we have so much stuff

LC Response:
Hi Kelsey, We are so happy to hear that you have had a wonderful experience at LC New Albany! We appreciate you choosing to make LC New Albany your home! Please feel free to reach out with anything you need! Alyssa Harris/ Community Manager

Community is beautiful

Submitted by Sunfield - 23rd August 2018 | Recommended: Yes

LC Communities staff are friendly and extremely helpful and units are very nice and well maintained.

Will never live in LC owned community again

Submitted by Cierra - 15th August 2018 | Recommended: No

If I had to tell someone about my experience with the LC, I would be honest with them and tell them that it was the WORST decision I could have ever made and that I would have rather been homeless. Moving in seemed like a dream but the longer I've lived here, the more apparent it becomes that that dream is actually a NIGHTMARE that takes place while I'm awake. For starters, my neighbors are trash. The people that live in this community have NO sense of what it means to be a kind, good human. I have hated dealing with the tenants of this community almost as much as I have hated living in the community itself. My rent for a 2bed 2.5bath is 1,245 month PLUS 12 for renters insurance that I was MYSTERIOUSLY disenrolled from . I'm not quite sure why rent is that high when EVERYTHING in this apartment is either breaking, never worked in the first place, or can't perform its primary function. For example the closet door upstairs where towels are stored the knob on the inside was not properly assembled thus falls off every time the door is opened. The latch in the door frame for the door to shut completely to the master bedroom was not lined up to the door properly, therefor does not shut all the way and can be opened by just a small push. There are multiple light switches in the unit that control NOTHING. The washer and dryer have REPEATEDLY broken, just from doing normal, light loads of laundry. Every day use and the fucking washer and dryer can't handle it. These apartments were poorly insulated, resulting in ASTRONOMICAL electric bills during the winter months, which wasn't fixed until AFTER I had to call maintenance to come fix the seals on the windows and doors of the unit. The glass doors to the shower in the master bedroom don't stay shut. The water barely heats up, and if it does it takes about 5 minutes of the water running for it to be even remotely lukewarm. The blinds on the windows and back doors don't last very long, I've had multiple blades come off the blinds just from opening and closing the back door. The wood is chipped by the front door and we don't own animals. The fan in the master bedroom doesn't work properly it spun much faster than it does now when we first moved in. Parking is a MAJOR ISSUE in this community. In fact, it actually ANGERS ME. There are units that are THREE floors, the bottom floor being a garage. Behind the garage is, YES YOU GUESSED IT, a DRIVEWAY that the LC doesn't find necessary to tell their fucking tenants to use this results in people like me who dont have a garage to find parking IN ANOTHER BLOCK because additional parking is being used. After complaining about the parking situation on SIX OCCASIONS, I was FINALLY told that the community was working on implementing parking arrangements to take care of this issue. About 6 months went by before I got an email explaining these arrangements EACH UNIT IN THE LC NEW ALBANY IS ALLOTTED 2 LC RESIDENT PARKING PASSES THAT ARE TO BE USED IN THE PARKING LOTS LOCATED BEHIND THE UNITS. EACH UNIT WILL ALSO OBTAIN ONE 1 GUEST PARKING PASS WHERE THEY ARE TO BE USED ALONG THE CURB IN FRONT OF THE UNITS. So if you have a roommate and both of you want your boyfriend girlfriend over at the same time, someone better leave or carpool because NOPE. You only get one guest pass. If that isn't the most BULLSHIT parking arrangements I've ever heard of, I'm not sure what is. They didn't even take into account the MAIN PROBLEM WHICH IS PEOPLE NOT USING THEIR GARAGES AND DRIVEWAYS. The only good thing that comes from this is the fact that we are allowed to have someones car towed if they are parked illegally. I have never lived in a community where I was told I have a voice just for it to be constantly ignored, TIME AND TIME AGAIN. If I could go back in time and tell myself everything that I know now, I can GUARANTEE I NEVER would have signed for this apartment. I will NEVER recommend my friends or family to live in this complex, not even somewhere other than New Albany because I have friends in other communities who complain just as bad about it. I can't believe I signed a 15-month lease here, but hindsight is ALWAYS 20-20.


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