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Very Happy at LC Sobro

Submitted by Corie - 18th December 2020 | Recommended: Yes

I love the design and the construction seems solid - I never hear my neighbors - some light hallway noise and some outside city noise and that's it. I'm actually quite surprised at how quiet it has been. Parking downtown is usually tough however, a parking spot is included in rent and never have a problem parking. The landscaping is simple and clean and keeps some greenery in the cityscape - perfect. I would rather have nice simple landscaping design rather than have rent hike up to cover the costs of something extraordinary. I have a dog that I walk the perimeter with - there seem to be a handful of other dog owners who do the same. I have not had any major maintenance issues, but small things that I would have normally just done on my own at my previous house, I entered in a ticket for in an app and it was addressed professionally within 24 business hours. I never really worry about it. It's nice. The staff is professional and fun. A big reason I chose LC was because the property manager sales staff treated me like a friend normal human vs a dollar sign or a hard sell. It didn't feel forced - it felt just like a normal conversation which was refreshing. You don't get a better downtown location for the price. Centrally located - so easy to get to any part of town. The building itself seems better constructed and designed than some others. The only other building that was in competition with this one in my opinion had higher rent and cooler designed amenities, but you really sacrificed inside of the apartment with cheaper feeling construction and design. I like the balance of great interiors inside my home and some more basic amenities that match the feel of the building. I am very very happy with my decision to choose this building community.

LC Response:
Corie-We appreciate you so much and for sharing all the feedback. As always please let us now if there is anything at all you need!


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