LC Sunbury Reviews

Needs some updating

Submitted by Alexandria - 21st June 2017 | Recommended: Yes

The property needs some updates, more guest parking, heated pool, and a community space either in door or outdoor.

LC Response:
Hello Alexandria, Thank you for taking the time to write us a review. We value all feedback we receive as we are always looking for ways to make our community feel like home. If you would like to speak in more detail please feel free to contact me. Have a great weekend!

Best apartment I've ever had

Submitted by Mariah - 26th May 2017 | Recommended: Yes

This location is very family based and makes its residents feel like part of a special community.

LC Response:
Hi Mariah, Thank you for the wonderful review! It's always great to hear how much our residents feel part of the community. You are the reason we are! If you ever need anything do not hesitate to let us know.

It's a great place to live

Submitted by Jennifer - 3rd March 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I really love my floor plan. The only draw-back is having neighbors above me who allow their children to run around like elephants, making it feel like the ceiling is going to drop in on me at any moment.

LC Response:
Hi Jennifer! Thank you for taking time to post your review. We appreciate your feedback. Please feel free to reach out anytime if you wish to further discuss your concerns. Thank you!

Safe, and relatively quiet place to live

Submitted by Jacqueline - 22nd February 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I have lived here for the past two years. It is a nice community to live in. My only complaint would be the high utility cost. The apartment could use an update on the cabinets and fixtures since they are dated but otherwise we make it work. The maintenance are always taken care of in a timely fashion. The walls aren't sound proof, but unless you're in the kitchen or bathroom, you really can't hear your neighbors. The kids are loud and rambunctious during the summer, but it is to be expected when you open the balcony doors. All in all a very safe and decent place to call home.

LC Response:
Hi Jacqueline! Thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We are pleased that you have enjoyed your home and experience with us since you became a resident of LC Sunbury Mills. Please don't hesitate to reach out to address your concerns about your utilities. Thank you again!

Love it

Submitted by Shellby - 20th February 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Nice and quite located fairly close to major shopping areas

LC Response:
Hi Shellby! Thank you for the great review! We are so glad to hear that you are happy at Sunbury Mills! We appreciate the great feedback!

Not bad for a rental.

Submitted by Robin - 8th February 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Not bad for a rental, but way too expensive for what you get. There is no place for visitors to park.

LC Response:
Hello! Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to post a review. Please feel free to reach out at any time if you wish to further discuss your concerns. Thank you!

Best Apartment Community in the Area

Submitted by Savannah - 30th September 2016 | Recommended: Yes

Overall, the community is a quiet community and is kept very clean. If your looking to live in the small community of Sunbury but want a nicer apartment complex, this is definitely the community you should choose

LC Response:
Thank you so much for the great review. We are so pleased that you recommend Sunbury Mills as the top apartment community in the area! Thank you again!

Great place to live

Submitted by Catherine - 22nd August 2016 | Recommended: Yes

My neighbors are friendly, the staff is friendly.

LC Response:
Hi! Thank you for taking time to post your review. We are so pleased that you are enjoying your new home! Please let us know if you need anything in the future! Jackie Weirich, Property Manager

Lovely, friendly, and comfortable

Submitted by Shea - 22nd June 2016 | Recommended: Yes

i would tell them, i love it, the people are great, i just wish there was a bigger gym

LC Response:
Hello! We appreciate your feedback! We are so glad you are enjoying your home with us! Jackie Weirich, Property Manager

Nice Place to Live

Submitted by Amanda - 2nd May 2016 | Recommended: Yes

the complex is nice and quiet I feel very safe. however the landscape crew does a terrible job mowing the grass always looks like it needs mowed again even after they have just mowed it.

LC Response:
Hello! We are so happy that you have enjoyed living The Good Life with us! We have taken your feedback and made it a priority to set high standards for our landscapers so our community remains beautiful. Thank you again!


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