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Submitted by Debra - 30th November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

I love living here at Mallard Crossing The place is very wuiet, never hear anybody. The staff is super friendly and helpful. It is very convenient to everything right in the heart of St. Matthews Love the trails, pond, and walking around The Brown Park.

LC Response:
Hi Debra! Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We are glad you enjoy living here with us! Please don't hesitate to let us know of anything you need!

Clean and Well Manicured but Maintenance NeedsTraining

Submitted by Breanna - 29th November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

These apartments are a diamond in the rough as most complexes cut corners with maintaining their apartments and upgrading their amenities. The apartments across the street are the exact same price and floor plan size but have appliances and cabinets that are at least 20 years old The apartments are a little small but I'd take a smaller apartment with better appliances, floors, cabinets, etc. for a much larger place with lower quality amenities. The one critique I have is that the maintenance staff is often clueless about how to fix various things in the apartments. Often times it will take a second or third maintenance person to fix the issue. The parking lot also needs to be resurfaced badly. There are pot holes and alligator cracks everywhere Otherwise, a great place to live for the price

LC Response:
Hi Breanna! Thank you for your feedback! We have made some recent changes with maintenance and hope you will see improvements. You will also notice lots of improvements to the exterior over the coming year :)

a great place to live.

Submitted by Kelly - 28th November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Mallard is a great place to live. Staff is super friendly and helpful and for such a large apartment community they get to repairs taken care of in a timely manner usually. The property is beautiful and kept up as well as the amenities for the most part. noise has not been an issue for us and they take safety of tenants seriously as far as my experience. Mallard also has great community events.

Mallard Crossing Review

Submitted by Allison - 27th November 2017 | Recommended: Yes

Really nice place to live

LC Response:
Thank you so much for your positive feedback! We are glad you enjoy calling Mallard Crossing your home!

Not good

Submitted by Cathy - 26th November 2017 | Recommended: No

thought it would be a higher end community.

Expensive but good quality

Submitted by Allie - 26th November 2017 | Recommended: No

It’s very expensive, but the location is great.

It's not the best but it's not the worst.

Submitted by Matthew - 24th November 2017 | Recommended: No

So I've lived in 3 apartments at Mallard between years 2011-2017 with gaps . So safe to say, I like the area, and generally like the apartment. The first experience here was great, I had a small 1 bedroom in Phase 1. The second experience was a loft apartment in Phase 2. I liked the apartment just fine but unfortunately it was so close to 64 I could feel semi trucks rumbling all night and I had a hard time sleeping. So I transferred to a 2 bedroom in Phase 2. I like the layout, the appliances are fine, it's quiet generally and I don't have any issues with bugs. My issues are the walls are painted completely half assed. The paint is uneven, there are half assed patched parts of the wall, the paint is cracking in most corners of the apartment, there are lumps where dirt or dust has just been painted over. I've repatched a couple holes and repainted some spots that were really bothersome.. but I've given up on the rest. I would need to spend hours sanding, filling in cracks and then repaint the entire apartment to fix the walls. I'd gladly upload pictures if anyone think it's an over exaggeration. But thankfully other than looking ugly, the walls aren't harming my overall quality of life. Another huge issue I have is the central air heating. One of my bedrooms does not get any air flow.. at all. I had to buy a 300 air conditioner and a heater for that room, which has made my electric bill rise. I attempted to get a small 25 rent decrease upon resigning my lease to offset the cost but they refused. I also have a very bad dust problem. Taking a flash light and looking through the vents, they are covered in dust. I have to dust surfaces daily and I also use 2 air purifiers in each bedroom another cost to help reduce the dust. They do not come and change the filter monthly, despite it being recommended to do so when you have pets, which they know I have, because I pay rent for them. So I have to remember to put in a maintenance request for that or buy a filter myself. I do see the AC heating not reaching a bedroom in my apartment a major issue, but they do not. They have attempted to resolve the issue, including hiring a contractor, and it hasn't been resolved. I was told that this is just how these 2 bedrooms are sometimes because of the layout. I do regret resigning the lease, but when the lease came up I was very busy with my seasonal business and didn't have time to pack up and move. Three months later I am regretting the decision. I do not plan to renew my lease again unless they plan to fix the AC heating issue and reduce my rent to offset the cost of buying a portable air conditioning unit, heater, and 2 air purifiers. Which I am sure they will not do. I would not recommend Mallard to anyone at this time as you can move to one of the many newly built apartments on the east side of Louisville that are averaging about 100 less per month in rent than here. So there is your honest review.

Beautiful property as far as landscape....

Submitted by Brandi - 22nd November 2017 | Recommended: No

I wouldn't give a good review at all. First impression is a lasting impression. AC wasn't working when I moved in, shower was clogged with hair, bedroom door didn't close and water pressure was low. I paid 1898 to move in and couldn't even sleep in my apartment for 2 days due to the AC not working and shower being clogged.... I don't think you all manage your property well. For the cost of living here I would have expected better management of the property.

Not worth the price

Submitted by Amanda - 21st November 2017 | Recommended: No

Not enjoyable.

Mallard Crossing

Submitted by Brandon - 20th November 2017 | Recommended: No

Great community and staff.


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