Our Story

Our story begins with a vision to create a world where communities become the catalyst for connection. We’re not just another developer, real estate company, restaurant or corner gym. We’re a brand dedicated to helping people connect.

When we started the company in 1996, we saw an industry built on product, not people. We introduced a new way of building communities. Not just a place to live, but a place to call home. Then, we realized we could do more. Our vision extends to other shared spaces — where you gather to eat, where you maintain a healthy lifestyle, and where you find your next place to call home. With meaningful connections at the core of our common purpose, we’re able to create a sense of place and belonging within our communities.

Our Values

Our values serve as our compass. They're more than words on paper or a cheeky analogy. They keep us grounded. They keep us focused on what matters. Our values cross departments, roles, and brands; they are the beliefs and ideals that guide our behaviors and actions.


We collectively celebrate wins, support taking risks, and take personal accountability when we make mistakes.


We create value by understanding our customers needs and consistently delivering what we promise.


We want you to be you. Express yourself, be vulnerable, and connect with others. Take action to ensure everyone is in the know.


We act as one team, extending trust and respect to each other in pursuit of our collective goals.


At LC, leadership is a choice, not a designation. We want leaders who set the pace through their expectations and example, and who provide inspiration, empathy, and confidence to all.

Our Approach

At LC, we challenge conventional wisdom, never settling for the standard. Over the years, we’ve learned that taking risks provides an opportunity to grow. We’re involved in every element of our communities, from finding the land to developing, constructing and activating it. Our team is unwavering in our commitment and dedication, because the only way to achieve our vision and fulfill our purpose is to engage in every step of the process.


Each of our brands share a common thread: bring people together to meaningfully connect. While these brands represent many offerings like dining, wellness, and real estate, each is distinctive in its individual industry. Each serves as a break from the respective norm. Together, we seek to do things differently, providing our residents and customers with a living experience that is unmatched.


Put simply, we envision communities as a catalyst for connection. We’ve partnered with these exceptional organizations because they make our communities better and help advance our purpose. Through these partnerships, we’re actively strengthening our communities and extending our reach beyond our immediate cities and neighborhoods.

Key Partners


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