Best Donuts in Nashville

General LC News01/22/2018
Best Donuts in Nashville

In our book, D-O-N-U-T-S spells happiness. Think about it. It’s perfection in a palm-sized package (or bigger, if you’re lucky). Nashvillians are more fortunate than most, since some of the state’s premier donut shops are located in and around the city center. We assigned ourselves the difficult task of taste-testing some of the most well-known spots to create a list of the best. The following is a product of that arduous research. Get out there and try them for yourself, and share your favorites with us on Instagram or Facebook (@lifestylecommunities).

Five Daughters Bakery

This is an extremely popular bakery, so you’ll want to get out of bed early or stop in later in the day to snag one of these treats. Five Daughters has made quite a name for itself since opening its brick-and-mortar shop in late 2015, and much of that success can be pinpointed to its 100-layer cronut (just look at our Instagram picture). This delectable creation takes three days to make - the first for dough preparation, the second for butter to be folded in and the third for eating. Not sure if you have time to brave the line? Visit their website and take a look at the live streaming donutcam for a look at what’s available where.

Vegan Vee

We love what Vegan Vee is all about. This bakery takes great pride in sourcing high-quality and mostly organic ingredients for their pastries, which means we don’t have to feel quite as guilty for eating handful after handful of them. They incorporate some amazing flavors into their menu that will dispel any prior notions you might have had about vegan and gluten-free food. We recommend the Triple Chocolate or Salted Caramel donuts.

Fox’s Donut Den

It has donut in the name. That’s a clear indicator of how important they are to the owners, and with almost 35 years experience, you know Fox’s Donut Den means business. As any good local will tell you, the apple fritters are incredible - but you’d be hard pressed to find a donut that didn’t hit the spot. Even the logo is amazing. Add this to the must-visit list immediately.

Shipley DO-Nuts

While Shipley DO-Nuts isn’t solely located in Nashville (they have bakeries all throughout the South), it’s on this list because it still feels like a local establishment. Plus, the donuts are good and that was basically our only criteria. Honestly, the simple route makes sense here. Order some fresh donut holes or cake donuts and thank us later.

Ellie’s Old Fashioned Donuts

Remember what we said about having donuts in the name? Well, it holds true here, too. Ellie’s Old Fashioned Donuts operates out of a quaint little food truck every Saturday at the Franklin Farmers Market. As with most of the places on this list, Ellie’s sells out quickly, so you won’t want to wait too long to stop by. If the line is short, consider it your lucky day and order the Blueberry Pancake donut while you can. Otherwise, the cinnamon sugar and maple are solid choices, too.

That’s it for our list today. We’re willing to get out there and try some more donuts - you just send us the name and we’ll take it from there. Which is your favorite?

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