Forward Movement in the Gym and Everyday life


We are almost through the first calendar month of 2017, and if you are like me when you realized that, you will say that time has really flown this month. Movement forward, or better described as change, is doing something that you are not comfortable doing. This forward movement will challenge us to either drive us forward, or allow us to fall back on what we are accustomed to.  At this point in 2017, New Year’s resolutions were already made over over four weeks ago. Ask yourself, how are things going? Are you still on track? Or, did you fall back into your old routine? If you are on track, how are you going to move forward from here?

I think one of the easiest ways to relate movement to our everyday life is by comparing it to either books or movies. Think about a recent book you read or a movie you watched. The first time you watched it or read it, you probably took in a lot of new information (the character's name, the plot, the twists of the story, the music etc.) Now, if you were to watch that movie or re-read that book, how much information would be new? Definitely not as much as the first time but, you would still get some new information (more small detail items are picked up).  Again, if you were to watch that movie a third time or re-read that book again, how much information would be new to you now? Not a whole lot. We pretty much know everything going on, what is going to happen, and maybe even start quoting lines of the movie.  It all becomes background noise.

Movement is one of the numerous amounts of things that translate from the gym, to everyday life. The more change that you experience on a daily basis, the easier it is to keep moving forward.  If your boss asks you to help them out on a few new tasks, you would not just say, “I’ve never done that before, I think I will pass this time.” Rather, you are going to embrace the challenge and help out however you can and develop some new skills along the way, and the new tasks are implemented as some daily tasks that become second nature.  If you are going through a new workout routine, and you are really sore the next day, the next time you finish that routine, you will not be as sore. Your body had changed and are moving forward. That feeling of being uncomfortable fades, and the previously uncomfortable items, become the new norm. But why stop there?

Why re-read the same book or watch the same movie over and over again? It is falling back into what you are comfortable with. Keep moving forward, change things up, be uncomfortable,  embrace that change and watch how things keep moving forward both in the gym and in your everyday life.

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