Why I Train: a note from Fitness Specialist Eunice


I learn how to live.

Training is the one thing I feel comfortable giving all I have, whether I succeed or fail. I think it’s pretty impossible to hide when your only option is to complete the given workout. Sure, you can avoid things you don’t like to a certain extent, but after a while, you either learn to embrace it and face your fear, or you never conquer your fear, which by that point, you’ve probably stopped training because you aren’t seeing progress. I’ve learned to leave it all on the floor. It used to be, “I have no other option but to do this” which has now become, “giving 110% is exactly how I want to approach this”.

Training is a never ending challenge. At times, it pains me to think that there is no true finish line. But somehow it also motivates me that there is no finish line, yet I have to continue to get closer to it, wherever that may be. I can always get better and that never stops. I have this drive that always needs to strive for more. With fitness, the limit just does not exist. You can’t be perfect at everything, and that right there, pains me, knowing how much of a perfectionist I am, but also fuels me to continue getting after it. For me, training is an aspect of my life that I’ll always keep keeping on. What aspect of your life do you always need, “more”?

Of course, training as often and as hard as I do reaps many other benefits: great physical shape, aesthetics, newfound friends that become family, new adventures, and of course, being able to pick up heavy things and then put them back down. But honestly, these things are white noise to me because the true and most meaningful benefit I get are the lessons and attitude I learn from training. I learn how to live by giving all I have and continuing to strive for more. I learn what it feels like to fail in front of many, but I also learn how to pick myself up and try again. I learn to keep my eyes on the horizon, even with no end in sight. The lessons, as well as the mental and emotional gains I achieve, are applicable to all aspects of my life. I’m just that much more confident to take on whatever is thrown at me. Because if I can complete a Murph without passing out, I am confident I can give a presentation in front of my company’s CEO. Because if I can take on 100 burpees with no rest, I am confident I can ask my boss for a promotion. And unfortunately, this isn’t a lesson that someone can teach you. However, fortunately, you have every power to learn this lesson all on your own.

-Eunice Ahn, Fitness Specialist at LC Brooklands in Hilliard, Ohio

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