Columbus, Ohio, February 13, 2024 Lifestyle Communities (LC) is excited to unveil its Preferred Employers Program for 2024, aimed at strengthening community ties and acknowledging the significant contributions of local businesses and their employees. This initiative is part of LC’s broader mission to create vibrant, interconnected communities, offering exclusive discounts and benefits to employees of selected organizations.

Jillian Anderson, Executive Vice President of Home & Hospitality, shared the vision behind the initiative, “Our Preferred Employers Program is a direct reflection of LC’s commitment to nurturing strong community connections. Recognizing the hard work of local businesses and their teams, we’re excited to offer them not just special discounts but also an invitation to experience firsthand LC’s elegant living spaces, engaging community activities, and an array of high-end amenities that make living and working locally convenient and enjoyable.”

For a comprehensive list of eligible employers and to explore the specific benefits tailored to each LC community, please visit the LC website and explore the community-specific pages. Eligible employees can discover the perks of this program by contacting LC with proof of employment from any of the listed organizations.