Lifestyle Communities (LC) Unveils A Major Rebrand

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Feb. 13, 2018 — Today, Lifestyle Communities (LC) revealed its new brand mark and the newly launched visual brand identity that epitomizes its journey and serves as the torchbearer of future growth and aspirations.

“Our company has grown significantly over the last two decades and the launch of our new brand represents the natural evolution of that transformation,” said Chad Thompson, Chief Marketing Officer. “The release of the new visual identity goes well beyond aesthetic enhancements. It marks a significant milestone and start of a new era for our company, illustrating our purpose and vision for the future. Our rebrand has been driven by our team members who understand our purpose, our history, our businesses and our customers. This has been a comprehensive engagement, one that touched every aspect of our rapidly growing company. Ultimately, we delivered a new brand that is truly expressive of our vision, values, and purpose…and most importantly, our people.”

The Journey

So how did over 600 team members in Columbus, Nashville, and Louisville create the new visual identity? It began with understanding the essence of what LC is. Through collaborative immersion workshops, team members revealed our biggest opportunities and set the stage for a lasting, distinctive brand. Then, months of exploration and discussions continued, culminating in a comprehensive brand framework that brought clarity to our vision, values, purpose and position. With the brand framework as the foundation, it was time to express the brand visually. After gathering over 500 images within a collaborative mood board, all aspects of future visual identity were debated–from photography and color to texture and typography. The team hand-selected elements that best expressed who we are now and how we’ll evolve in years to come. The final result: a cohesive mood board that serves as the inspiration for our company’s new brand visual identity. With a cohesive mood board in hand, the team pivoted to create a new brand mark that would serve as the anchor point of our visual identity. The mark had to be more than a fresh look or modern design. It had to uniquely represent who we are and where we’re going. Something team members would wear proudly on their sleeves, and on their hard hats.

“We’ve seen unprecedented acceleration in our innovation and growth,” Thompson noted. “We have our sights set on new cities and offerings, beyond our traditional development and property management. While we agreed that the previous identity system had carried us far, we had outgrown it. Our new brand is a natural reflection of our evolutionary experience.”

The new brand, accompanied by the war cry, Build a Connection™, will guide how LC designs, builds and activates communities that bring people together to form meaningful connections and inspire a sense of belonging. “Building has been in our DNA since day one. And through the years, we’ve become known as the leader when it comes to innovatively bringing people together in our communities. Our shared vision of belonging is the thread that is proudly woven through everything we do. From The Goat to our wellness studios, we offer our residents, neighbors, and team members the opportunity to connect, and to belong.”

The new mark is simple, flexible, and contemporary. Through connected lines, it expresses connection and conveys LC’s current and future markets (OH, KY, TN, SC, NC, TX, CO). Lines connect cities within each state; fitted inside a septagon that expresses a sense of belonging — our hallmark and reason for existence. The mark also acknowledges Columbus as LC’s founding location and hub.

In addition to the brand mark, all the core elements that comprise LC’s visual identity—color, typography, and imagery — have also evolved. The new brand identity will be implemented across all of the brand’s digital and physical touch points, including the company’s new website

About Lifestyle Communities

Established in 1996, Lifestyle Communities (LC) is a niche, residential real estate development and asset management company focused on serving the specific needs of its residents through the thoughtful integration of living, entertainment and socially-focused ventures. With a portfolio of brands to serve the needs of its residents, neighbors, and communities in the Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee markets, LC is focused on delivering exceptional resident experiences by inspiring meaningful connections. For more information about Lifestyle Communities, visit